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Franklin Rea ’08

1. What weapon did you fence in college?


2. How did being on the fencing team contribute to your Dartmouth experience?

Having practice every day was tremendous for breaking up the brisk, seemingly never-ending pace of schoolwork brought on by Dartmouth's trimester calendar. Being part of such a committed and serious team prepared me to fence competitively during off-terms and after college, and also introduced me to coaching fencing.

3. Favorite Dartmouth Fencing memories and stories?

During my first year, watching the older fencers ('05s and '06s,) who always taught me so much, win medals at New England Championships and nationally. My own first New England medal and realizing I was "ready" to contribute to the team's success. Throwing American cheese slices at Kyle's van in the MIT parking lot. Men's sabre's 9-0 victory vs. Brown during senior year.

4. Advice to current fencers?

You can never practice enough footwork. There are separate and unique benefits to training with opponents above your level, at your level, and below your level, and you need to be able to get the most out of each scenario.