Re-Imagining History, Release 1.0

On October 7, 2018 by Michelle Warren

We’re pleased to announce the next step in our ongoing project to remix the “Imagining History” project that launched at Queen’s University, Belfast in 2003. You can read our previous posts on this topic here:

Today, we are posting here a clean spreadsheet with links to all the functional manuscript descriptions available on the Internet Archive. That’s it. Stay tuned for more!

Reimagining History, Release 1.0

For those who don’t open the spreadsheet, here’s the Credits page, with special thanks to new team member Madeline Miller, Digital Library Fellow:

Release Date Sunday, October 7, 2018
Project Lead Michelle Warren
Permission to reuse data John Thompson, Queen’s University Belfast
Data preparation Laura Braunstein, Divya Kalidindi, Monica Erives
This Spreadsheet Madeline Miller, Michelle Warren
Funding Dartmouth College

And here’s the Read Me page:

How can I use this document?
Anyway you wish for non-commerical purposes, so long as you give us all credit and pay it forward:
What does this document include?
The list includes the records completed for the Imagining History Project (Queen’s Univeristy, Belfast) (2003-2006)
The URL addresses link to the pages captured by the Internet Archive 2013-2017.
Duplicate and corrupted records have been removed.
Latitude and longitude for library locations have been added
What does this document NOT include?
This list is not a complete list of the documented Middle English Prose Brut corpus.
What information might be included in the future?
Links to the mansucripts’ library records
Links to digital copies of manuscripts
Entries for manuscripts not included in Imagining History
Searchable database that includes text from the descriptions
Data visualizations

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