DUJS Recognition

Here, we feature the accomplishments of our alumni, as well as the recognition of the DUJS itself.

DUJS Alumni: Rhodes Scholars

Tucker Murphy ’04 (Past Associate Editor of DUJS)

Amar Dhand ’01 (Co-Founder of DUJS)

DUJS Alumni: Barry M. Goldwater Scholars

Andrew Zureick ’13 (Past President of DUJS)

Hannah Payne ’11 (Past President of DUJS)

Laura Myers ’08 (Past Managing Editor of DUJS)

Amar Dhand ’01 (Co-Founder of DUJS)

DUJS Recognition

Featured in the Dartmouth NOW for ISEC in 2013: View Page

Featured in a Nature news feature in 2001: View PDF

“Trying to get your first research paper published can be a daunting experience…Wouldn’t it have been better to hone your paper-writing skills while you were still an undergraduate, learning the tricks of the trade with help from your peers?…typical of the new breed is the Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science (DUJS)…The review of manuscripts is conducted completely by undergraduates…students who have published in the DUJS say they have benefitted from the experience.”

“Anura Abeyesinghe, a physics undergraduate [at Dartmouth College] who published on quantum entanglement, says the paper [published in the DUJS] proved valuable when he applied for graduate school…He intends to study quantum information theory at either the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or the California Institute of Technology.”

– Chen, J. “Scientific Publishing: The youth team” Nature 411, 13-15.

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