To submit an article for publication:

Send it in an attachment to with your name, title, research mentor’s name (also cc’ed), and a statement authorizing DUJS to exclusively publish the paper. Also, briefly describe the paper in the body of the email. Thank you. We look forward to seeing your submission.

What Exactly Are We Looking For?

The DUJS prints science news and review articles written by its staff and research papers by undergraduate students.  The journal accepts submissions year-round.  We have expanded our audience and will consider publishing research by undergraduate students outside of Dartmouth as well.

We examine each piece of research to see what it potentially contributes to the Journal and our goals. Our aim is to attract a diverse audience in terms of scientific background and interest. To this end, research articles generally fall into one of the following three categories:

  • Basic Science Research:

    • This type of article parallels those found in professional journals. An abstract is expected, as well as clearly defined sections of problem statement, experiment, data analysis and concluding remarks. The intended audience can be expected to have interest and general knowledge of that particular discipline.
  • Statistical / Clinical Research:

    • The same guidelines for Basic Science Research Articles apply here.
  • Science Review:

    • These articles involve in-depth analysis of recent advances in a particular topic within the scientific disciplines. Science Reviews usually include specific references to the literature and an explanation of the evolution of a certain discovery.

Writing Your Article

Be sure it falls within the following technical guidelines.

  • The length of the article must not exceed 3500 words.
  • The article must adhere to the DUJS Style Guide.
  • If it’s a review or research article, it must be accompanied by a statement of acknowledged validity by a professor, using our DUJS Submission Form: For Faculty.
  • Any co-authors of the paper must approve of the submission to the DUJS. It’s your responsibility to contact the co-authors.
  • Any references and citations used must follow the Science Guidelines.
  • If you have chemical structures in your article, please take note of the American Chemical Society’s specifications.
  • Any alterations to images must be documented.

General Policy on Submissions

  • Once articles are accepted for publication, the authors retain all rights to their original work, with the exception that they grant the Journal the exclusive right to publish the articles in print and online. Articles may not be reproduced elsewhere without the permission of the Journal.
  • The Journal will not consider work that has been previously published or is under review for publication by another publication. In addition, work submitted to the Journal for consideration may not be concurrently submitted to another publication.

Submitting Your Article

At the top of your article, put the following information:

  • Your name and year
  • Exact word count
  • Class originally written for (if it was for a class).
  • Name of the professor who will be sending a voucher of approval for the article (if applicable)

Send it in! Our submissions are all received electronically. Please send it with ‘DUJS ARTICLE SUBMISSION‘ in the subject, and include the file as an enclosure to

Please note, these directions are for undergraduates and their faculty advisers. If you are participating in our High School Essay Competition (ISEC), there is a separate submission protocol and form. Refer to the ISEC page for more information.

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