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Welcome to Dartmouth WordPress

WordPress is a web publishing platform that enables site builders to set up a website quickly and easily. The Dartmouth WordPress service provides a set of standard templates and plugins with which to customize your site. This tool is maintained by Dartmouth Computing Services.

Who can request a site on the Dartmouth WordPress service?

Dartmouth students, faculty and staff may request a WordPress site. [Request site]

What types of sites can I build?

  • Class websites
  • Websites for student groups and organizations
  • Websites for labs and research groups
  • Professional homepages, portfolios and blogs
  • Microsites for events, projects and initiatives

What types of sites should not be hosted on Dartmouth WordPress?

All sites on Dartmouth WordPress wil be hosted on the domain, where "mysite" is the custom name for your website. If your website requires a specific URL, custom template, or functionality beyond the supplied plugins, you should consider a different solution.

For example, websites for academic departments and administrative units would best be suited to OmniUpdate, the institutionally-supported CMS.

Instructors seeking to add a collaborative element to their course material might create a group blog on WordPress, but manage grading and other sensitive information within Blackboard.

Web Services and Academic and Campus Technology Services can help you choose the most appropriate tool.

Who will help me build my site?

Dartmouth WordPress is intended to be a self-service website creation tool. While we will certainly troubleshoot technical problems such as login errors, Web Services is unable to provide personalized training or design consultation on WordPress sites. We have, however, put together a guide to jumpstart your WordPress site creation, and a list of resources for additional help.

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