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Request a Site

Note: if you are a student and you have been asked to create a site for course related work, please head over to Dartmouth Journeys and request a site there.

Request a site

Requested URL for your site (required)
Lower-case letters, numbers, and dashes only, please.

Note: You may choose the last portion of the URL (after the slash) for your site. However, it must fall within the following parameters:

  • The name is not too common (i.e., no
  • There is not a possible association with a logical entity or organization in existence here at Dartmouth, unless you're building a site for that entity (i.e., only someone from the English Department would be approved for the site URL
  • The login name is not offensive (no profanity, defamation, etc.)
ITC reserves the right to refuse any site name request.