Remix is Inappropriate

On October 31, 2017 by Michelle Warren

As previously mentioned, Michelle, Laura, and Bay have been writing about Remix offline. We’re excited that our article has been accepted to be published by Archive Journal. We received some really thoughtful readers’ reports and we’re diligently revising collaboratively on a Google doc.

This morning, however, we encountered a surprise that could only happen to an article subtitled “Experiments in Digital Infrastructure.” It seems that an algorithm found something “inappropriate” about the document and blocked sharing access for Laura and Bay.

In case you can’t read that screen shot, it says “This item has been flagged as inappropriate and can no longer be shared.”

There’s a link to request review, which leads to this:

“Sorry, an error occurred while submitting the appeal request. Please try again later.”

Funny, not funny, when you’re revising on deadline and need your co-authors!

Michelle found a work around that has so far eluded censure: download the Google Doc to a Word Doc (to preserve the comments), upload the Word Doc to Google Drive, and “open as Google Doc” (comments intact).

And then she tweeted, ’cause it is funny and people should know.

And now we have so much more to say about digital infrastructure! And a new research project on how to co-write in a non-commercialized platform…One thing is for sure, Google won’t be any help: when you google “how to collaborate without Google,” the answers are all Google…



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