Re-Imagining History

On August 1, 2018 by Michelle Warren

The process of reviving the online catalogue of Brut manuscripts continues apace!  As Monica described in her previous post, we’ve begun the process of organizing the existing text files from the Imagining History wiki into a format that could be ingested into a database and ultimately made usable again via web access. In the interests of sustainability–and ongoing exploration of infrastructure–we are partnering with the Dartmouth Library by essentially giving over the data to institutional care. In this way, we hope that the resource will become part of the library’s long-term digital preservation strategies and have a longer lifespan than the original wiki.

Back in May 2018, thanks to Laura, we had a first project meeting with library staff to discuss how the project might develop as part of the digital program. It was a big table! For the record, here are the names and titles of everyone who participated:

  • Shaun Akhtar, Metadata Librarian
  • Caitlin Birch, Digital Collections and Oral History Archivist
  • Laura Braunstein, Digital Humanities Librarian
  • Lizzie Curran, Assistant Conservator
  • Barbara DeFelice, Program Director, Scholarly Communication, Copyright, & Publishing
  • Monica Erives, Edward Connery Lathem Digital Library Fellow
  • William (Bill) Ghezzi, Digital Production & Metadata Librarian
  • Jen Green, Digital Scholarship Librarian
  • Anthony Helm, Head of Digital Media and Library Technologies
  • Ryland Ianelli, Digital Production Technician
  • Paul Merchant, Senior Programmer/Analyst III
  • Jennifer (Jenny) Mullins, Digital Preservation Librarian
  • Maninder (Mina) Rakhra, Cataloging and Metadata Services Librarian
  • Noah Skogerboe, Media Collection and Preservation Librarian

Re-imagining History is officially in the digital development queue.

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