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On April 28, the Dartmouth WordPress platform was updated to the latest 5.1.1 version.  This added the option for an improved "block editor", introduced with WordPress version 5.0.  By default, the familiar "classic" editor remains active.  However, site administrators can choose to allow the use of the new editor, as shown with these new options available under Settings / Writing:

Another new update is that uploaded images and files no longer have a random 6-character string added to the file name.  In the past, if you uploaded my-article.pdf to your website, the file name might be something like my-article-2zsikp.pdf instead.  This no longer occurs, so the file name remains the same.

We recently added some new themes to the Dartmouth WordPress environment:

FukasawaFukasawa theme screenshot

Fukasawa is a minimal masonry blog theme for photographers and collectors.

HamiltonHamilton theme screenshot

Hamilton is a clean WordPress portfolio theme for creatives.

McLuhanMcLuhan theme screenshot

McLuhan is a clean and simple theme featuring a front page with a complete post archive.

Twenty NineteenTwenty Nineteen theme screenshot

The default theme for 2019 is designed to show off the power of the block editor. It features custom styles for all the default blocks, and is built so that what you see in the editor looks like what you'll see on your website. Twenty Nineteen is designed to be adaptable to a wide range of websites, whether you’re running a photo blog, launching a new business, or supporting a non-profit. Featuring ample whitespace and modern sans-serif headlines paired with classic serif body text, it's built to be beautiful on all screen sizes.

March 26, 2018

ITC has completed the system migration, and would like to thank all WordPress users for their cooperation and patience.

There are now two separate WordPress platforms:

The new platforms are hosted by our partner CampusPress, and we hope that the additional themes and plugins that we can now provide will prove useful to the Dartmouth community.

March 19, 2018

In the coming days, Information, Technology & Consulting (ITC) will be implementing updates to the Dartmouth WordPress platform. Part of this update will include creating separate platforms for administrative sites ( and all teaching and learning sites ( We’ve gone through the process of categorizing previous sites to place them in the appropriate categories. We are doing this so that, across these two site collections, we can offer WordPress users a greater variety of themes, plug-ins, and capabilities.

As site owners and editors, there are a few changes that you will notice:

  1. A new secure log-in process: At log-in, similar to other Dartmouth systems, you will be prompted with a web authentication sign-in page. Enter your Dartmouth NetID and password to access your site.
  2. New features: You will gain access to a variety of additional themes, plugins, and platform features. We are incredibly excited about where this might take learning journeys in the future!
  3. Moving to Journeys: If you have a teaching and learning site, your old URL will redirect you to the new one in All older links and bookmarks referring to the old address will be redirected to the new destination.

Please note: During the week of March 19 to March 26 2018, no new site creations will be allowed.  As the updates are made to the platform during the weekend of March 24-25, you will not be able to access or edit your site.  If you need to update your site, please complete your work prior to Friday, March 23rd at 4 PM. We will notify you the morning of March 26 after the completion of the platform upgrade and changes.

If you have questions, please email

On February 1, 2018, we upgraded the WordPress software that runs the environment at Dartmouth College.

WordPress 4.8.5 includes important security updates for the WordPress 4.8 "Evans" release that came out in out in June. At the same time, we updated our themes and plugins.  We also updated the Dartmouth logo in our Dartmouth themes.

Questions? Problems? Please contact