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Swimmer Spotlight #2: Will Glovsky ’23

Name: Will Glovsky
Hometown: Hamilton, MA
Year: 2023
Age/Birthday? 19/Sept 19, 2000
Academic Interest(s): Economics and Psychology
Hobbies: Achieving my final form through the power of song and sarcasm
What are you looking forward to most about Dartmouth?
The beverages
What’s your Club Swim Goal?
Get my 100 down to 1:20!
If you had to listen to one genre for a week, what would it be?
Romantic Comedy
Favorite campus (or off-campus) dining spot?
B-Side Superpower?
Carrying a lot of bags

Swimmer Spotlight #1: Nate Roe ’23

Name: Nathaniel Roe

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (S/O Che Esch!!!)

Year: ‘23

Age: 18

Academic Interest(s): Math, Engineering, Writing

Hobbies: Skiing, hiking, reading, recycling

What are you looking forward to most about Dartmouth?

The people and taking more amazing classes!

What’s your Club Swim Goal?

4 Trials Cuts & 5 Junior Nats Cuts…

Lol no!

To get to know the lovely people of Club Swim.

If you had to listen to one genre for a week, what would it be?

I don’t think this qualifies as a genre, but I would gladly listen to Frank Ocean’s music for a week.

Favorite campus (or off-campus) dining spot?

Foco Dark Side with Club Swim!

B-Side Superpower?

Tying shoelaces by snapping fingers

Club Swim 19F Update!!!

Hey everyone!  It’s your favorite webmasters here, Jason and Adele, and we’re so excited to tell you all about 19F and what a great time we all had in the pool together!

First and foremost, we were so excited to meet so many amazing ’23s this fall! We love having you on the team and we can’t wait to get to know you even better this winter! We also loved seeing so many familiar faces back again this season, and we’re so excited for the future of the club swim community.   Here’s our updated roster for the 19F season (with the names of our new members in bold):

Matt Bough ’19

Dimitar ’19

Che Esch ’20

Max Orman-Kollmar ’20

Libby Decker ’20

Teddy Einsidler ’20

Jack Burgess ’20

Isabella Burgess ’20

Margaret Hubble ’21

Cam Wright ’21

Themis Haris ’21

Malcolm Hanchet ’22

Connor Page ’22

Jason McFadden ’22

Adele Harshbarger ’22

Ray Crist ’22

Akash Seetohul ’22

Darren Colby ’22

Ethan Aulwes ’22

Dylan Davis ’22

Alexandra Bramsen ’22

Dante LaRocco ’22

Reva Dixit ’22

Victoria Xu ’22

Sade Francis ’23

Abbi Fischer ’23

Fiona Price ’23

Rae Docherty ’23

Tim Cui ’23

Will Glovsky ’23

Nate Roe ’23

Tate McDowell ’23

Avi Dixit ’23

Madison Davis ’23

Makayla Dixon ’23

Catriona Farquharson ’23

Katherine Lasonde ’23

Sarah McWhirtier ’23

Gretchen Carpenter ’23

Ali Safieddine ’23

Tara Pillai ’23

Deedee Hernandez ’23

Hannah Brookes ’23

Autumn Dinh ’23

Amanda Chen ’23


We had a great time at the 2019 Harvard Club Swim Invitational, where we placed 6th out of 9 teams!!!  Check the results section to see how everyone placed.  A couple of highlights included:

Nate Roe – 5th place, 100 Back

Fiona Price – 4th place, 100 Fly

Ethan Cai – 1st place, 100 Fly

Molly Rudman – 4th place, 50 Back

Connor Page – 3rd place, 50 Back



Thank you all for a great season!  We hope everyone enjoys their winterim, and we will see you all in January!




Jason ’22 and Adele ’22

The Best Webmasters Ever
Dartmouth Club Swimming

Blog Post #10: O Captain! My Captain!

Hi team! This blog post is from our newly retired team captain Khoa Tran! It’s breaking away from the pattern thus far of full on prose, but enjoy! (He wrote this about something else; I promise it’s not implying anything about Club Swim!!!!)

Voyage into the Smoke

I stand here watching my daydreams,
Drain from my quartet around me,
My wooden neck and casting away my wings.
I thought I could fly and talk to God,
But God had determined me too small.
Or perhaps too large to march among the sky,
Leaving me to cry along with the clouds.
But even now, I don’t belong in the clouds
As they cast me out from heaven.

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Blog Post #8: MEET Me at the Pool!

Hi Club Swim! Get excited because it’s finally meet week!! Last year was our very first home meet ever, and we’re back at it again this weekend! This year, Brown and UVM are coming up to swim against us, and of course, we’ll have pizza after! (I’m kind of excited for the swimming, really excited for the pizza.)

This term has been a little different for me because I’m off but still on campus doing research. A lot of my fellow ‘19s are off campus (shout out to Sarah for coming up from DC three times this term though), but I’m keeping myself busy by doing a little more on club swim—I’m social chair (even though Campbell still does a lot of the work, thanks Campbell), and I was in charge of the gear. But one thing hasn’t changed for me this term, and it’s how pumped I am for our meets.

Meet weekends are always my favorites of the term because I get to spend so much time hanging out with club swim. I really love away meets because we get to spend two hours in the car both ways jamming out to the playlist Sarah and I made our freshman year (shameless plug for Club Swim 15F on Spotify – still the reigning and undisputed best playlist of club swim) and telling secrets. The first club swim meet I went to freshman fall was definitely a huge part of why I stuck with the team and have come to love it so much. Continue reading

Blog Post #7: It’s Always Sunny in Phoenix

Hello loyal followers of Dartmouth Club Swim! I’m Libby, I’m a ’20, and new to leadership. For some reason, it seems like everyone is off this term. Why, you might ask. Well, Hanover winters are known to be a little chilly at times, like your hair freezes after practice kind of chilly, so many of us take the opportunity to get out of town, go on a foreign study program, do an internship or research. And though we may not feel like we’re missing out on the blizzards for dayz, the FOMO on Club Swim is

Winnie, my brother’s dog!!

real.  Continue reading

Blog Post #6: Searching for Burgers in a Strange Land

Hi everyone, Che here. In perusing the previous entries on our blog this winter for ~inspiration (read: ideas to steal for myself), I noticed that a lot of what we’ve offered up has been our experiences away from (/coming back to) campus, and more importantly, away from Club Swim. Perhaps, dear reader, you’ve been pining for an inside look at what 18W has been like for club swim – the day to day grind in the pool; meetings in smoke-filled rooms planning for our next incredibly successful social event (come thru); how Kimmy, Michael and the rest of our heroic leadership team possibly manage to balance studies with keeping our crazy group afloat.

If so, you’ll have to wait until next week. I, too, have been away, on a study abroad in France.  It’s much warmer here than in Hanover – think single-digits Celsius in stead of Fahrenheit – but winter is winter, and the best part of my winter at Dartmouth has always been Club Swim. Continue reading

Blog Post #3

This weekend, a group of us volunteered for the Special Olympics. We were given a very important task: provide the food. As athletes, we know how important it is to refuel after exercise, so we made sure to encourage all the athletes to eat to their heart’s content. It was touching to see how proud some of the athletes were of their accomplishments. Maybe the most surprising part of the day was the range of age and skill level of the athletes. I talked to a young boy of 8 or 9 who came to get hot chocolate and was sad that he had not placed in one of his events. I also talked to another athlete of at least 35, who had limited speech but was very proud of his ribbons, pointing repeatedly to the visible manifestations of his accomplishments. Even Laura from FOCO was there! Continue reading

Swimmer/Coach of the Week! #10

Hello hello! Just wanted to give a (belated) shoutout with this week’s Swimmer of the Week! This past term, we’ve had alums come to meets and cheer for us, with posters and desserts and smiles! Thank you so so much to Katie Lachance and Brian McGahie and Patrick Campbell for coming by – it meant the world to us, especially as we 18s are in the same place you were when we first met you <3

And now, ahem, back to Swimmer of the Week #10!! This week we are introducing the other incredibly important coach of Club Swim, Michael Sun! Michael was off this past term, but he will be coming back as a coach this winter, and transitioning into the position of head coach in the spring! We are excited to have him back with his stories from his study abroad AND to have his excitement and dedication back on board!

Name: Michael Sun

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Swimmer of the Week! #9

Finals have finally ended, and most of us are probably snuggled up at home, enjoying hot cocoa and Netflix (or perhaps studying as I am, haha)! To add that relaxed mood, I’d like to introduce our first freshman (Class of 2021) swimmer spotlight of the year! Everyone, please welcome Hamza Kasumba!! It’s been so exciting to see Hamza at practices and enjoying time in the pool with us, and we’re excited to see where he goes with his Dartmouth career! Read on to learn more about him!!

Name: Hamza Kasumba

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