400 contra: uma história do crime organizado

In the '70s, a group of prisoners joins rights and collective ideals. William ... and one of the protagonists of this organization.

13th Apr

32, a guerra civil

Documentary about the insurgency that took place in São Paulo, Brazil in 1932 against the governmnet of Getúlio Vargas.

21st Oct

35, o assalto ao poder

Documentary about three insurgency attempts that took place in different Brazilian cities during 1935 against the governmnet of Getúlio Vargas.

02nd Oct

3 Efes

A college professor invents the theory that the greatest needs of human beings comes down to 3 things that begin with the letter "F": Food, "sex" and fame.

28th Jul


20th Jun


At age 33, Kiko Goifman gives himself 33 days to find his birth mother.

19th Apr