Som & fúria

"The lives of a Shakespearian theatre group and their personal struggles to organize the production of 'Hamlet'"--IMDb

30th Aug

A cura

Director(s): Ricardo Waddington, Gustavo Fernandez Writer(s): João Emanuel Carneiro, Marcos Bernstein Actor(s): Selton Mello, Andréia Horta, Juca de...

15th Aug

Boca do lixo

Cláudia Toledo (Silvia Pfeifer), a sex symbol actress, sees her career dwindling, but she feels lucky when the rich man Henrique Ribeiro falls for her charms and marries her.

13th Aug


When a millionaire dies he leaves money to his three ex-wives on the condition that they work together, a seemingly impossible task.

17th Nov

Maysa: quando fala o coração

A biographical mini-series about the life of the Brazilian singer Maysa.

02nd Oct

Chiquinha Gonzaga

Chronicles the life of popular Brazilian composer Chiquinha Gonzaga, who scandalized society at the end to the 19th century.

28th Jul