Maldita coincidência

A film about finding meaning in life. A group of young people live in an abandoned mansion in downtown São Paulo.

30th Aug

Se nada mais der certo

Three people in São Paolo have big problems. A journalist loses his job, can't pay the rent, and owes back taxes. His roommate is a clinically depressed sexually ambiguous drug addict with a kid.

15th Aug

Quanto dura o amor?

Director: Roberto Moreira Writer(s): Anna Muylaert, Roberto Moreira Actor(s): Sílvia Lourenço, Danni Carlos, Paulo Vilhena Production Co.: Europa Filmes...

13th Aug

A vida alheia

Director(s): Marco Rodrigo, Cininha De Paula Writer(s): Miguel Falabella, Antônia Pellegrino, Flávio Marinho Actor(s): Cláudia Jimenez, Marília Pêra, Danielle...

13th Aug

Salve geral

The widowed mother of an incarcerated teen begins working for a criminal organization that operates from within the São Paulo state penitentiary system.

14th Apr

Jean Charles

Based on a real story of a man mistaken for a terrorist and shot by the British police during the London terrorist alerts.

18th Nov