A documentary-style film with fiction, a movie about loving relations involving some form of violence.

30th Aug


Director: Rosane Svartman Writer(s): Rosane Svartman, Juliana Lins Actor(s): Olívia Torres, Lucas Salles, Kayky Brito Production Co.: Paris...

30th Aug

Anuska, manequim e mulher

Director: Francisco Ramalho Writer: Francisco Ramalho Actor(s): Francisco Cuoco, Marília Branco Production Co.: Flashstar Filmes Country: Brazil Year:...

30th Aug

Malu de bicicleta

Director: Flavio Ramos Tambellini Writer: Marcelo Rubens Paiva Actor(s): Maria Manoella, Marcelo Serrado, Fernanda de...

15th Aug

Quanto dura o amor?

Director: Roberto Moreira Writer(s): Anna Muylaert, Roberto Moreira Actor(s): Sílvia Lourenço, Danni Carlos, Paulo Vilhena Production Co.: Europa Filmes...

13th Aug


"Tells stories of unrequited love. 'Love and Loss. Loss, mostly', says a character. In an empty city, scorched by the sun, the young and old confuse the fever of sunstroke with the delicate birth of passion"--IMDb.

13th Aug