Between 1918 and 2008, Acácio Videira and Maria da Conceiçao shared their lives between Portugal, Angola and Brazil. The film combines images from the present with Videira's films and photographs of the past, interconnecting the three countries and reflecting colonial relations, war, and memory.

15th Aug

Manoel de Oliveira: 100 anos

The centennial of Manoel de Oliveira and this special edition gives an overview of the work of most international of Portuguese filmmakers.

22nd Oct

Na cidade vazia (Hollow city)

N'dala is an orphan from the Angolan province of Bie, a flashpoint in the rebellion that incited Angola's brutal civil war.

16th Dec


Célio Rocha tries to persuade his childhood friend to give away all his possessions to the poor.

11th Dec

Timor Lorosae

Documents the violence of Indonesian Armed Forces toward civilians during their occupation of East Timor.

11th Dec

Capitães de abril

In 1974 Portugal, the words of poet Jose Alfonso in the banned song "Grandola" sparks a revolution.

30th Nov