Amazônia: de Galvez a Chico Mendes

A miniseries presented on TV Globo from January to April 2007; it recounts the history of Acre and its peoples through its struggles.

28th Jul

Epopéia euclydeacreana

History of Acre and its people through the eyes of one of the major Brazilian writers of the 20th century, Euclydes da Cunha.

18th May

O quinto dos infernos

Television mini-series about the history of Brazil, centered in the adventures of Pedro I, the Emperor of Brazil, and his plebeian friend the Chalaça.

13th Apr

Netto perde sua alma

The story of general Antônio de Souza Netto, officer who took part in two great Brazilian battles, in the 19th Century.

03rd Feb


Cafundó is a 35 mm color film which blends fact with fiction in the life of João de Camargo, a former black slave.

28th Dec

Mauá: o imperador e o rei

A historical epic about Irineu Evanelista de Souza, the Visconde de Mauá, one of the business titans of 19th century Brazil.

26th Dec