Director: Rosane Svartman Writer(s): Rosane Svartman, Juliana Lins Actor(s): Olívia Torres, Lucas Salles, Kayky Brito Production Co.: Paris...

30th Aug

Esses moços

Two girls run away from a small town to Salvador, where they live by begging for change. They meet an old man named Diomedes who was attacked and has lost his memory.

15th Aug

Se nada mais der certo

Three people in São Paolo have big problems. A journalist loses his job, can't pay the rent, and owes back taxes. His roommate is a clinically depressed sexually ambiguous drug addict with a kid.

15th Aug

A falta que me faz

: In the Espinhaço Mountains one winter, a group of small-town Brazilian girls are coming to the end of their adolescence. Impossible romances link them with men from the outside, leaving marks on their bodies and the surrounding landscape.

15th Aug

Eu e meu guarda chuva

Director: Toni Vanizolini Writer(s): Adriana Falcão, Marcelo Gonçalves, Bernardo Guilherme Actor(s): Lucas Cotrim, Paola Oliveira, Leandro Hassum...

13th Aug

O vigilante rodoviário

Adventures of a highway patrolman and his German shepherd dog Lobo, fighting against crime. (ImDb) First Brazilian film series in TV, "O vigilante Rodoviário" was first broadcasted in 1962.

03rd Dec