Guerra conjugal

A genially humorous collection of stories which run parallel, get crossed or simply follow one another.

29th Dec

A opinião pública

Documentary about middle-class people in Rio de Janeiro, in the sixties, coping with Brazil's military coup and the following dictatorship.

26th Dec

Que bom te ver viva

Film about the torture of women under the military dictatorship in Brazil in the 1970s.

13th Dec

Batismo de sangue

The story of Dominican friars living under the military dictatorship in 1960s Brazil.

11th Dec

Zuzu Angel

Director: Sérgio Rezende Writer(s): Sérgio Rezende, Marcos Bernstein Actor(s): Patrícia Pillar, Daniel de Oliveira, Luana...

06th Dec


A wounded revolutionary is isolated in another man's apartment and meets a life-changing woman.

30th Nov