Rocha que voa

A documentary of Brazilian filmmaker and political activist Glauber Rocha's year of exile in Cuba from between 1971 and 1972.

28th Jul

Glauber o filme: labirinto do Brasil

Documentary about Glauber Rocha, the radical cinematographer from Bahia, Brazil.

11th Feb

Guerra conjugal

A genially humorous collection of stories which run parallel, get crossed or simply follow one another.

29th Dec

Os Matadores

The film focuses on the ethics that exist in the universe of professional killers.

16th Dec

Dias melhores virão

Earning her living by dubbing American TV Series, a woman dreams of becoming an international Hollywood star.

16th Dec

Os fuzis

A group of soldiers descend on a town to defend a food warehouse from the starving local population.

15th Dec