Aparecida o milagre

After an accident puts the life of his son in jeopardy, his father relives childhood traumas and the story of Our Lady of Aparecida, the patron saint of Brasil.

13th Aug

Bezerra de Menezes

At eighteen, Menezes, a protagonist studies medicine in Rio de Janeiro. There he was elected councilman and a member to various legislatures and also defended abolitionist ideas.

24th Oct

Palavra e Utopia

The story of Jesuit missionary António Vieira, who worked with the Brazilian Indians and who was called before the Inquisition in 1663.

24th Apr

O Espiritismo: de Kardec aos dias de hoje

Presents an overview of the Spiritist Doctrine, codified by Alan Kardec, and its contribution to the progress and the happiness of the human being.

24th Apr

Irmãos de Fé

Priest Marcelo Rossi visits a juvenile correction center, and gives Paulo, one of the interns, a Bible. He starts reading the story of St. Paul.

11th Apr

Maria, mãe do filho de Deus

Director(s): Moacyr Góes Writer(s): Marta Borges, Thiego Balteiro,  Moacyr Góes Actor(s): Luigi Baricelli, Giovanna Antonelli Production...

07th Apr