Race and history in Brazil

Aleijadinho: passion, glory and torment - A historian wants to find Aleijadinho's daughter-in-law, who is still alive

30th Aug


Documentary about a music education program for young people from poor communities of Rio de Janeiro.

30th Aug

Encontro com Milton Santos: O mundo global visto do lado de cá

Director: Sílvio Tendler Writer(s): N/A Actor(s): Milton Santos, Boubacar Boris Diop, Carlos Pronzato Production Co.: Caliban Produções Country:...

30th Aug

Esse homem vai morrer: um faroeste caboclo

The story of people "marked for death" in the city of Rio Maria, due to complaints of irregularities and corruption made in southern Pará.

30th Aug

Fernando Lemos, atrás da imagem

Director: Guilherme Coelho Writer(s): Guilherme Coelho, Márcia Watzl Actor(s): N/A Production Co.: Video Filmes Country: Brazil...

30th Aug

Castro Alves

Incidents in the short, tempestuous life of Brazilian poet and playwright Castro Alves, whose politically charged writing earned him the soubriquet 'O poeta dos escravos' ('the slaves' poet'), are presented here.

15th Aug