Race and history in Brazil

On August 30, 2015

DV100942-2Tget-it-now117 2Director(s): Geraldo Santos PereiraJoel Zito Araújo

Writer(s): N/A

Actor(s): Mauricio Gonçalves, Maria Ceiça, Ruth de Souza

Production Co.: ArtMattan Productions

Country: Brazil

Year: 2001

Language: In Portuguese, with English subtitles

Format: DVD

Summary: Aleijadinho: passion, glory and torment – A historian wants to find Aleijadinho’s daughter-in-law, who is still alive. In flashback, the life of this extraordinary Brazilian artist is told, from his birth until his death, in 1814. Denying Brazil – Documentary about Brazilian black actors, and their role in the history of the soap-opera, the most popular genre in Brazilian TV. Both films deal with the history of race relations in Brazil.

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