Uns braços

Director: Adolfo Rosenthal Writer(s): Adolfo Rosenthal, Wilson Rocha Actor(s): Ana Petta, Antonio Moraes, Celso Frateschi...

03rd Dec

Mulheres à vista

Director: J.B. Tanko Writer: Chico Anysio Actor(s): Zé Trindade, Grande Otelo, Consuelo Leandro Production Co.: Europa Filmes Country: Brazil...

23rd Oct


The story of the enigmatic Cleopatra, the last Queen of Egypt, who becomes one of the most powerful women in history.

08th Oct

Mulher 80

Director: Daniel Filho Writer: Daniel Filho Actor(s): Simone, Fafá de Belém, Gal...

02nd Oct

Não por acaso

Two men, who lose their wives unexpectedly, must decide between their own obsessions and the new opportunities life presents to them.

30th Jul

Baixio das bestas

In the countryside of Pernambuco, in a small village nearby a sugarcane plantation and an alcohol plant, the despicable and cheap Heitor abuses his sixteen year-old granddaughter Auxiliadora, submitting her to slavery and humiliations during the days, and every now and then exposing her naked body to truck drivers in a gas station in the night to raise additional money.

28th Jul