Director: Oswaldo Caldeira Writer: Oswaldo Caldeira Actor(s): Humberto Martins, Rodolfo Bottino, Adriana Esteves Production Co.: Original Vídeo...

03rd Dec

Os inconfidentes

Dramatization of the ill-fated plotting of a coup d'état by a group of Brazilian military officers, poets and intellectuals and their failed attempt to overthrow the Portuguese Crown and establish a Brazilian Independent Republic in 1789, inspired by Rousseau and the success of the American Revolution.

28th Jul

Palavra e Utopia

The story of Jesuit missionary António Vieira, who worked with the Brazilian Indians and who was called before the Inquisition in 1663.

24th Apr

O Guarani

In 17th century Brazil, a family of colonists and their patriarch, Dom Antônio, live in a fortress near the territory of the native Aimoré tribe.

02nd Apr

A Muralha

A muralha is about Portugal's colonization of Brazil in the 18th century.

13th Feb

Diário de um novo mundo

In 1752, a doctor and writer makes the voyage from Portugal to Brazil, and keeps a diary about the dangerous voyage.

30th Jan