Director: José Leitão de Barros Writer(s): Alfredo Cortez, Augusto de Santa-Ritta Actor(s): Domingos Gonçalves, Elsa Bela-Flor, Luís Pinto...

30th Aug

Manoel de Oliveira: 100 anos

The centennial of Manoel de Oliveira and this special edition gives an overview of the work of most international of Portuguese filmmakers.

22nd Oct

Udju azul di Yonta (The blue eyes of Yonta)

Udju Azul di Yonta offers a portrait of the disillusionment of the revolutionary generation in Guinea-Bissau and the vibrant, if unintended society which developed after independence in 1973.

27th Jun

Palavra e Utopia

The story of Jesuit missionary António Vieira, who worked with the Brazilian Indians and who was called before the Inquisition in 1663.

24th Apr

Tudo isto é fado

Two friends who have misadventures from Lisbon to Rio team up with a mysterious woman who will help their dream of stealing a valuable picture come true.

11th Apr

Letters from Fontainhas

Portuguese director Pedro Costa's three films that put him on the map: spare, painterly portraits of battered, largely immigrant lives.

12th Feb