Between 1918 and 2008, Acácio Videira and Maria da Conceiçao shared their lives between Portugal, Angola and Brazil. The film combines images from the present with Videira's films and photographs of the past, interconnecting the three countries and reflecting colonial relations, war, and memory.

15th Aug

O primo Basílio

Arriving from London, Basílio falls in love with his cousin Luísa, in Lisbon. But he must go to Brazil, promising he will eventually marry her.

25th Sep

Tudo isto é fado

Two friends who have misadventures from Lisbon to Rio team up with a mysterious woman who will help their dream of stealing a valuable picture come true.

11th Apr

A Muralha

A muralha is about Portugal's colonization of Brazil in the 18th century.

13th Feb

A marvada carne

Nhô Quim lives alone with his dog and goat and dreams of eating red meat. He meets a young woman who is anxious to get married.

05th Jan

Embarque imediato

A young Brazilian's life is turned upside down after his attempt to leave the country is twarted by his supervisor.

03rd Jan