Léo e Bia

Director: Oswaldo Montenegro Writer: Oswaldo Montenegro Actor(s): Pedro Caetano, Emilio Dantas, Paloma Duarte Production Co.: Copacabana Filmes...

30th Aug

Utopia e barbárie

Director: Silvio Tendler Writer: Silvio Tendler Actor(s): Narrators: Amir Hadad, Chico Diaz, Leticia Spiller Production...

15th Aug


In the mid-1970's, right-wing military dictatorships gained political power in much of South America. With the military and financial support of the United States, they put together a special intelligence unit to help put down leftist resistance groups that were growing among the disenchanted citizens in their countries.

15th Aug

Era Vargas

Director: Eduardo Escorel Writer(s): N/A Actor(s): N/A Production Co.: Tatu Filmes Country: Brazil Year: 1990...

15th Aug

32, a guerra civil

Documentary about the insurgency that took place in São Paulo, Brazil in 1932 against the governmnet of Getúlio Vargas.

21st Oct

35, o assalto ao poder

Documentary about three insurgency attempts that took place in different Brazilian cities during 1935 against the governmnet of Getúlio Vargas.

02nd Oct