Lúcio Flávio, o passageiro da agonia

Director: Hector Babenco Writer(s): Hector Babenco, Jorge Durán Actor(s): Reginaldo Faria, Ana Maria Magalhães, Grande Otelo Production Co.: Europa Filmes...

30th Aug

Ajuricaba: o rebelde da amazonia

Director: Oswaldo Caldeira Writer: Oswaldo Caldeira Actor(s): Rinaldo Genes, Paulo Villaça, Sura Berditchevsky Production Co.: Ponto4 Digital Country: Brazil...

30th Aug

Utopia e barbárie

Director: Silvio Tendler Writer: Silvio Tendler Actor(s): Narrators: Amir Hadad, Chico Diaz, Leticia Spiller Production...

15th Aug


In the mid-1970's, right-wing military dictatorships gained political power in much of South America. With the military and financial support of the United States, they put together a special intelligence unit to help put down leftist resistance groups that were growing among the disenchanted citizens in their countries.

15th Aug

Bela noite para voar

The presidency of Juscelino Kubitschek was a time of great political optimism for Brazil.

13th Apr

Tempos de paz

The entire story takes place on the 18th of April in the year of 1945. Battles had ceased in Europe, but Brazil still found itself technically at war.

21st Nov