Capitães da Areia

The life and adventures of a gang of abandoned street kids known as "Capitães da Areia".

11th Apr

Caramuru – a invenção do Brasil

A spoof on Brazilian colonial history.

27th Feb

O beijo no asfalto

A police official is persuaded by a reporter to launch a crusade against homosexuals.

05th Dec

Aviso aos navegantes

Director: Watson Macedo Writer(s): Watson Macedo, Alinor Azevedo, Paulo Machado Actor(s): Grande...

01st Jan

Amor bandido

The turbulent story of crime and doomed romance set in the tawdry underworld of Rio.

01st Jan

Conterrâneos velhos de guerra

Director: Vladimir Carvalho Writer: Vladimir Carvalho Actor: Othon Bastos Production Co.: Sagres Home...

01st Jan