A theater director hosts a reunion of his two childhood friends, who are now a physician and a businessman in their sixties.

17th Nov

Pan-cinema permanente

Documentary film about the late poet Waly Salamão.

17th Nov


Director: José Joffily Writer: Regina Zappa Actor(s): Frei Beto, Tessy Callado, Carlos Heitor Cony Production Co.: Biscoito Filmes Country:...

17th Nov

Manoel de Oliveira: 100 anos

The centennial of Manoel de Oliveira and this special edition gives an overview of the work of most international of Portuguese filmmakers.

22nd Oct

Mulher 80

Director: Daniel Filho Writer: Daniel Filho Actor(s): Simone, Fafá de Belém, Gal...

02nd Oct

A mochila do mascate: Gianni Ratto, um homem de teatro no cinema

Documentary about the scenographer and stage director Gianni Ratto, born in Italy in 1916 and settled in Brazil since 1954.

30th Jul