TV pirata

Various episodes of the popular Brazilian television comedy series.

11th Apr

A casa das sete mulheres

Seven women living in agricultural Brazil during the revolutionary war of 1835 undergo their own trials as they wait for their men to return.

16th Feb

Anarquistas: graças a Deus

Director: Walter Avancini Writer: Walter Avancini Actor(s): Débora Duarte, Ney Latorraca, Daniel Rodrigues ; narrator,...

29th Dec

Minha vida em suas mãos

A blue collar worker, fed up with life, becomes a criminal, abducts a professor and falls in love with her.

16th Dec

Ele, o boto

A dolphin takes the form of a human man in order to seduce the women of a fishing village.

01st Dec

Anchieta, José do Brasil

Biography of José de Anchieta (1534-1579) of the Jesuit order.

18th Jul