O príncipe

On June 20, 2014

7890552033938Director: Ugo Giorgettiget-it-now11

Writer: Ugo Giorgetti

Actor(s): Eduardo Tornaghi, Bruna Lombardi, Ricardo Blat, Ewerton de Castro

Production Co.: Centro de Produções Cinematográficas de São Paulo, TV Cultura

Country: Brazil

Year: 2002

Language: Portuguese ; optional French, English and Spanish subtitles

Format: DVD

Summary: After 20 years of exile in Paris, Gustavo returns to his native city São Paulo. Back home, he encounters a place which no longer exists. His old friends and family members have changed, almost beyond recognition. He tries to recapture the past, and make some sense of his life, that of his friends and family, and the present state of his native country.

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