O príncipe

After 20 years of exile in Paris, Gustavo returns to his native city São Paulo. Back home, he encounters a place which no longer exists.

20th Jun

Onde a terra acaba

Documentary on the life and work of Brazilian director Mário Peixoto (1908-1992), who shot the silent film "Limite".

12th Jun

Muito gelo e dois dedos d’agua

Roberta and Suzana are sisters who plan to kidnap their own grandmother.

02nd Jun

O diabo a quatro

Set in the Copacabana section of Rio de Janeiro, a tale of youth, prostitution, and drug dealing.

02nd Jun

Mineirinho, vivo ou morto

02nd Jun

O meu pé de laranja lima

Six year old Zezé, a poor boy, treats a lemon tree as his only friend and confident, talking to it and learning important values from it.

31st May