A cura

Director(s): Ricardo Waddington, Gustavo Fernandez Writer(s): João Emanuel Carneiro, Marcos Bernstein Actor(s): Selton Mello, Andréia Horta, Juca de...

15th Aug

A erva do rato

Director: Júlio Bressane Writer: Júlio Bressane Actor(s): Selton Mello, Alessandra Negrini Production Co.: Petrobras Country: Brazil Year:...

14th Apr


A dangerous drug lord works in Brasilia, Federal Capital. To get him, the police will do whatever it takes.

13th Apr

Jean Charles

Based on a real story of a man mistaken for a terrorist and shot by the British police during the London terrorist alerts.

18th Nov

O cheiro do ralo

Lourenço, the owner of a pawn shop, who buys used goods from people during their hard times.

30th Jul

Árido movie

Weatherman from a TV channel in Sa̋o Paulo goes back to his arid hometown in Rocha in northeastern Brazil to attend his father's funeral.

22nd Jan