On February 13, 2014

blankdvd-297x300get-it-now11Director(s): Carlos E. González, José Manuel Ramos, Fernando Sáyago

Writer(s): Carlos E. González, José Manuel Ramos

Actor(s): Roberto Arroyo Carrillo, Pilar Cota, Beatriz de Córdova, Luis García Carrillo, Carlos E. González, Gabriel Montiel, Emilia Otaza, José Manuel Ramos, Pedro Walker

Production Co.: Ministério da Cultura, FUNARTE, Decine

Country: Brazil

Year: 1917

Language and subtitle information: Silent film with Portuguese intertitles; no musical accompaniment

Format: VHS


Summary: A man is sent to Europe on a diplomatic mission, but his ship is sunk by a German submarine. In Mexico, his girlfriend Lupita receives a telegram with the news and looks for relief in La Virgen de Guadalupe, patron saint of Mexican Catholics. After reading a book about the Virgin legend, Lupita falls asleep. The next morning, she receives good news–her boyfriend is alive! Together they go to La Villa del Tepeyac (a church devoted to La Virgen de Guadalupe) and give thanks for the miracle.

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