Ó paí, ó

On March 30, 2014

O pai o serieDirector:  Monique Gardenbergget-it-now11

Writer:  Guel Arraes, Jorge Furtado

Actor(s): Lázaro RamosMatheus NachtergaeleÉrico BrásAline NepomucenoTânia TôkoLyu ArisonLuciana Souza

Production Co.: Globo Marcas

Country: Brazil

Year: 2008

Language information: In Portuguese

Format: DVD

Summary: Brazilian TV series based on the homonymous feature film.

Episodes of the first season:  “Mercado Branco”, “Mãe e Quenga”, “Negócio Torto”, “Fiéis e Fanáticos”, “Brega”, “Virado do Avesso”.

Episodes of the second season: “Quero Ver a Bahia Tremer”, “A Outra”, “Preto no Branco”, “A Cara do Pai”

9 Responses to “Ó paí, ó”

  • After a little practice with the first episode, I was able to understand the great majority of the words in the episode and I found it quite comical. Well written with several twists, I really enjoyed the way in which it ended with good news for the main characters.

  • I got a good sense of what the accent of the Bahia is like from this series. Although it was difficult to understand because they spoke so rapidly, I was able to get the general gist of what was happening. I liked that it was not very serious and that it had multiple story lines.

  • This series is fantastic! I highly recommend it. There are a bunch of story lines happening at the same time, and all the characters are hilarious and full of life. There are some serious moments but there are even more happy and funny moments…it’s well worth a watch! Also, the Portuguese is relatively easy to understand without subtitles, if you’re a beginner!

  • This was a good representation of Bahian culture. However, the accent was very difficult to understand and I did not catch a lot of things that were taking place during the episode. I would recommend it because it is engaging and interesting even though I did not understand everything that was taking place.

  • The series is very cheerful and funny. The viewer gets a good sense of the culture in Bahia and the accent for people in Bahia. It is not that difficult to understand in terms of the words the characters are speaking, but the stories do sort of jump around, so you have to keep track of who was doing what. Overall a comical series!

  • The series is interesting. It’s filled with funny short stories and it’s not too hard to pick up what’s going on. I think it uses the humor to give a hint of what it’s like in some parts of Bahia. It’s a col series. Only 30 mins so wont even take much time and if there is music in the episode it’s going to be good. I would watch it again.

  • This sitcom-like show was definitely entertaining but also pretty cheesy and poorly made. While it was great to get a feel for the Bahia regional accent, many times the characters spoke very fast and joked around in a manner that was a bit hard to understand. It was great to see the comparison between this form of telenovela and the Sereia series. I recommend this show simply for its cultural entertainment value.

  • I had a little trouble with the Bahia accent, but it was a great watch. I got a good understanding of the culture there and what I would be experiencing on the LSA (maybe). I thought the episodes were funny, but I got a little confused with all of the characters. In the end, I enjoyed listening to the music in the episodes and watching the action that took place all in one building.

  • I really liked watching this TV series. The plot is fun and easy to understand. At the same time, it explores the problem of poverty in Brazil. The characters are likeable, but also pretty well developed for a TV series. They are also easy to understand because they speak very loudly and clearly. I think almost anyone would like watching this series.

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