Roque Santeiro

On April 1, 2014

Roque santeiro

Director(s): Paulo Ubiratanget-it-now11

Writer(s): Dias GomesAguinaldo Silva

Actor(s): José WilkerRegina Duarte, Lima DuarteMaurício MattarYoná Magalhães

Production Co.: TV Globo

Country: Brazil

Year: 1985

Language: In Portuguese without subtitles

Format: DVD

Summary: This telenovela takes place in the fictional town of Asa Branca, in northeastern Brazil. The altar boy Luiz Roque Duarte, known as Roque Santeiro, was thought to be dead; in his hometown, common people started worshiping him as a saint. Now he’s back. How is he going to explain this to them?

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