Glauber o filme: labirinto do Brasil

Documentary about Glauber Rocha, the radical cinematographer from Bahia, Brazil.

11th Feb

Chico Xavier

A biography of spiritual medium and author Francisco Candido Xavier.

10th Feb

Nós que aqui estamos, por vós esperamos

Great themes that have shaped the century are shown: wars, industrial development, and modern art.

04th Feb

Netto perde sua alma

The story of general Antônio de Souza Netto, officer who took part in two great Brazilian battles, in the 19th Century.

03rd Feb

Ópera do Malandro

A hoodlum in World War II-era Brazil is busy pursuing the American dream, until he falls in love.

28th Jan

Raízes do Brasil

Two part biography of Sérgio Buarque de Holanda, Brazilian historian, literary critic and journalist.

22nd Jan