A casa das sete mulheres

Seven women living in agricultural Brazil during the revolutionary war of 1835 undergo their own trials as they wait for their men to return.

16th Feb

A Muralha

A muralha is about Portugal's colonization of Brazil in the 18th century.

13th Feb

Um só coração

Uses fictionalized historic characters to tell the story of history and the development of Sao Paulo, Brazil between 1922 and 1954.

12th Feb

Dalva e Herivelto: uma canção de amor

The story of two of Brazil's most beloved singers, Dalva de Oliveira and Herivelto Martins.

01st Jan

Queridos amigos

A story of the reunion of a close group of friends in 1989.

01st Nov

Os Maias

Traces the moral decline of a wealthy and powerful aristocratic family from Lisbon in the 19th Century

03rd Jul